Gifts with Real Meaning

The full swing of the Holidays has begun. As such, there are probably lots of concerns that arise especially in the gift giving area. With everything else you do, how are you possibly going to make time to get gifts? What can you possibly buy that’s not going to break the bank? And perhaps, the real issue is: can you get an item for someone that will truly be something they’d like?

As a relationship expert who’s constantly observing the world, I think I’ve come up with an idea that will answer all three of the aforementioned concerns! Step back for just a moment and you’ll see what I mean: the world is just SO frenzied and though we’re connected via a number of social media sites, are we truly connected? I think what we’d really enjoy from someone is a sense of feeling them, their presence, their mindfulness.

With that in mind, here are a couple of ideas as gifts:

  1. Decide to make it a habit to let your mate know that you appreciate him or her – even for the day-to-day activities around the house. Everyone likes to be acknowledged for what they do regardless of how simple the task.
  2. Start to really pay attention to each other again. You did this when you were in the Honeymoon Phase so it’s not something you don’t know how to do. Typically, after we get involved, we take each other for granted. We forget to ask about each other’s day. And if we do, we don’t really listen to the answer. Give back this gift.
  3. Notice your partner and pay him or her a compliment. When you do this, it sends the message “You matter.”
  4. Be willing to let go of the little things, don’t nag or criticize so much. Research says that even if you’ve been positive (paying a compliment) 5x, 1 negative will wipe out those 5 positive statements. To help you “let go,” think of the big picture.
  5. Brag about your mate in public. When you’re out with friends, speak about your partner and tell a story that puts them in a good light. This will score big time and make your other half feel like they’ve received a special gift.

Though these may sound a bit corny to you, I’d venture to say that these are the “stuff” that will resonate; it’s the little things that will have a far more powerful reach for an Empowered Relationship!