Seasons of Your Relationship

Most of you live in areas where the seasons change. For me, Spring time has finally arrived! I love this season the most … I start to hear the sound of birds, see the buds on the trees, take off my heavy jacket, and start to smell cut grass! I feel revitalized.

It occurred to me that that the seasons changing are very much like relationships. The winter for those of us who live in the northeast of the U.S. tends to be bleak and dreary. Certainly, when our relationships are going through hard times, they seem dark as well. In reality, there are seasons to relationships as well.

I think the difference is that we have faith that the seasons will change and renew but don’t necessarily have the same faith in our partnerships.

There are things you can do to help ensure that the seasons of your relationship will go well. Here are some tips:

1. A lot of revitalizing your relationship has to do with way you think about it. Decide to have a positive attitude and think in a fresh way about the two of you.
2. Take advantage of spring and nicer weather. Go outside and take a walk together. Just having some quiet time for two of you will help from all the stress. Try to make this “date” time so no talking about problems or kids.
3. As you’re walking, hold hands. Research has shown that this one simple act does a lot to benefit you both individually and as a couple from a physical and emotional standpoint.
4. Do a check-in with each other. Just like with spring cleaning where you take inventory and de-clutter, it’s time to see what behaviors are working and which need to be improved. (By the way, I suggest doing this on a regular basis so things don’t pile up.)
5. Novelty is so important to keep relationships vital. Decide to try a new activity together. Maybe you’ll find something new to love or have a good laugh together.
6. Think vacation. Plan for one even if it’s short. It gives you something to look forward to. If funds, time, or other situations prevail, you can still think vacation by taking out pictures of your most recent one. Talking about good memories also goes a long way for bonding.
7. Adjust, accept, and appreciate your relationship. Again, just like you would when you’re doing spring cleaning, you may come to certain aspects of your home where you can make certain adjustments. Great! But in the end, what will bring you the greatest joy is coming to accept and appreciate what you have. I suggest the same is true as you consider your partnership. Again, so much will depend on how you choose to focus your thoughts!