Reactions from the Past can Block Empowerment

Though many of you may not be aware of physical sensations in your body and may not even really know what your emotions are, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have them. As a matter of fact, I’d venture to say that all of us are experiencing emotions all the time … it’s just that some of you are not able to recognize what you’re feeling.

Another issue is that many of you are having emotions … strong emotions. Often, it’s as if these emotions are bursting out without rhyme or reason. Well, at the time that they occur, they do seem to make sense but you don’t really have control of them. It’s almost like they have a mind of their own – though emotions are anything but mindful.

Generally, the kind of situation I’m describing is when you feel as if your buttons have been pushed. Said another way, you feel like you’ve gotten grabbed. Some clients tell me that they actually feel like they were possessed! Can you relate to this?

The technical name for this type of reaction is called an implicit memory. Lots of things happen to you throughout your lives. You take in experiences all the time that you’re not necessarily paying attention to. However, these subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) experiences go into your memory bank. Sometime later, if there’s another situation that “feels” the same to you, it will trigger you into reacting as you would have years ago. Since you can’t actually recall the initial situation, you think you’re reacting to what just happened.

Without knowing about this, you’re not functioning from an Empowered place. If you continue to have these reactions, it will not allow you to become all that you can. However, as you learn about yourself, you are indeed moving on your journey to Empowerment.


Dr. Karen


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