Staying Up When the Dow is Down (MP3)

Do You Feel Overwhelmed by the Current Economic Situation?
Do You Want Answers but You’re Tired of All the Negativity?

No doubt, everyone has been hit, directly or indirectly, by the economic downfall. To some degree, I know it has left you feeling many different emotions including anxious, depressed, or out-of-control.
I kept thinking about what I could do to help and I decided to offer a “Psychological Bailout” Teleseminar.  But I didn’t want it to be just more of the same stuff you’re hearing in the news, on the internet, and from your friends and colleagues.  I wanted to deliver material that would truly give you concrete suggestions to deal with today’s situation.
In the teleseminar, I addressed constructive, positive ways to approach various aspects of your life…

In it, I offered a very full 45-minutes of solid information that includes:

  • Why psychologically this has been so hard for all of us – and how to better deal emotionally
  • The practical tools you can use to relate better with your partner when dealing with financial issues
  • Real ways to deal with the day-to-day strategies of cutting corners
  • How to talk to your children regarding finances and the emotions they may be feeling
  • Ideas for finding a job in a limited market
  • Things to do to take care of yourself so you’re less stressed

And much more!

The teleseminar was a great success.  Luckily, I recorded it so now I can make it available to you.  Here are what some of the participants who were on the call had to say:


What I love about Dr. Karen’s presentation is that it gave me a system, something all us harried working moms and wives can use. She provided us with touchpoints for recognizing panic and then a way to self sooth that panic along with very practical solutions for budgeting, seeking work and seeking support. As always, Dr. K helps you focus on your own strengths and not knee-jerk reactions to external forces. After Dr. K’s presentation, I was completely able to communicate with my husband calmly to make sure we don’t make offhand remarks about the economy crisis and how it scares our children if we do it in front of them. And that led almost naturally to Dr. K’s other touchpoints of setting aside a certain time to talk practically about money with each other.. It certainly alleviated a lot of tension in our home.  And all for such a low price !!!!

– Helen VTG


The Teleseminar Was Encouraging and Empowering.

First of all, thank you.  I found your thoughts and directions to be very encouraging and empowering.  Though times may be bad, the tools you offered for being grateful and staying optimistic were very helpful.  It helped me know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  We will pull through this.  Positive thinking and “doing” is so very important.

I enjoyed listening to you and as always look forward to your next telephone conference.

Best regards,
Teresa K.


You Can Navigate Through This Time and Come Out Stronger!

Start today to become proactive in your life and order this MP3 by clicking the link below:

Yes! I want to learn how to create my own Bailout!

The suggestions and tools I offer in this teleseminar work.  And you certainly have the convenience of listening to it on your computer or portable MP3 player during travel time or at the gym — you can even burn it to a CD if you want.

I’m confident by listening to this information you’ll be motivated to take the proactive steps to assist you in getting through these difficult times.

I want to make this decision risk free for you.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the insights you gain from the downloaded MP3 audio file, simply delete the downloaded file, and request a refund within 1 year of purchase and I’ll refund your money.

I don’t think I could be more fair than that.

This MP3 offers you not only a useful but uplifting approach!

And it can be yours for only $19.95.  It’s really worth a whole lot more, but in this economy, I have to be considerate!  I know the tips you’ll get in the teleseminar will absolutely pay back the cost of the MP3 many times over!

BONUS: When you order, you will also get a free PDF file with valuable information to help you learn more concrete tools so you can consider every option available to you! And … as an additional bonus, you’ll also get access to a pdf file that will help you take notes for this call!

It really is possible to get through these tough times in a positive, proactive way. Why wait?

Yes! I want to learn how to create my own Bailout!