Mindfulness and The Art of Choice (Book)

Break Free From Old Emotional Patterns That Keep You Stuck And In Pain So You Can Start Living The Life You Choose Filled With Joy, Satisfaction  And True Love

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Dear Friend,


Everyone comes from a family with dysfunction… it just depends on the degree and type of dysfunction it is.

For some it’s an alcoholic parent or a family who never expresses any emotion or parents who are way over-controlling or being raised in a home where you always felt criticized and put down .

The list could go on and on…

How can I say that?

I’m Dr. Karen Sherman, a psychologist who’s been helping people identify, drop their “baggage” and move on (for 25 years now) so they can start living a life of freedom and joy.

What’s more, I personally have walked through dark valleys so I can really relate to people held back emotionally and relationally by their past.

And because my passion and purpose in life is to help as many people as I can live emotionally free lives, I also teach Psychology at the college level and have written several books.

My most recent book, “Mindfulness and The Art of Choice: Transform Your Life,” offers you the tools to STOP living a life that is burdened by old, repetitive feelings and patterns that keep you stuck and unhappy.

All the research indicates that experiences that happen early in your childhood stay with you and shape your adult years. If there were situations that emotionally hurt you, they don’t go away because they are still open wounds.

As little kids, you learn to do whatever you have to fit in with your family and be loved. But all the while, you are taking in messages that end up making you feel not real good about yourself. And — these negative, damaging messages haunt you.

Why Talk Therapy Doesn’t Cut It

Now, obviously as a psychologist, I’m going to sing the praises of therapy. But here’s what I’ve realized about the typical talk therapy – it just doesn’t do the job. Talk therapy helps you understand what happened in your past. But the constant nagging critical thoughts and accompanying lousy feelings are still there. Even worse, are the “hot” buttons that keep getting pushed that you don’t even know exist.

Have you ever found yourself in any situation like these?

  • Your good friend forgets to ask how your doctor’s appointment went and before you realize it, you’re going ballistic on her saying that obviously she just doesn’t care about you.
  • Your mate points out a space that’s available in the parking lot and you feel like he thinks you’re the biggest idiot because you didn’t see it.
  • You met someone at a party recently who said they’d call. It’s been three days and no call yet. You’re beside yourself.

You Don’t Have To Be Chained To Your Past Any Longer…

In “Mindfulness and the Art of Choice,” I teach you how to:

  • Feel better about yourself – warts and all.
  • No longer repeat patterns in your life that aren’t really getting you what you want.
  • Be able to have a relationship that is calmer and more loving.
  • Feel less angry about the people in your life.
  • Be more open to seeing and appreciating the positive around you.

Because… when your emotions aren’t running the show, you can consider all your different options, you can look at all the possibilities available to you, you can choose how you want to live your life.

No, you can’t change what happened – the facts are the facts. But you don’t have to continue to carry all the negative energy from the old situations.

The tools in “Mindfulness and the Art of Choice are designed to help you identify, express, and finally respond to feelings that you’ve been carrying around since you were a kid. Because once you do this, the hurt that resulted from things like being abused, neglected, criticized…… goes away and you’ll be able to connect and have intimacy where there was mistrust or fears or blockages.

Here’s a peek at the chapters of the book…

Part I: How the Art of Choice Works

Chapter 1 – Universal Problem: The World’s a Crazy Place to Live in

Chapter 2 – The Personal Problem: Living a Life that’s on Auto-Pilot

Chapter 3 – The Solution: Read Our Bodies, Our Barometers

Chapter 4 – The Solution: Quieting the Noisy Mind

Chapter 5 – Becoming Unfrozen

Chapter 6 – The Doorway to Freedom: Choice

Part II: The Art of Choice Exercises

Chapter 7 – In Relation to Self
The Main Idea
Noticing Your Body
Observing Your Behavior
Noticing Your Thoughts
Releasing Fear

Chapter 8 – Responding to Particular Blockages
Not Detaching From Yourself
Letting Yourself Express Emotions
Accepting Your Feelings
Controlling Impulsivity
Being Okay WIthout a Partner

Chapter 9 – In Relation to Others
Automatic Reactions to Others
Breaking old Patterns
To Confront or Not to Confront
Accepting Our DIfferences

Chapter 10 – Moving Forward With Others
Letting Go of Expectations

Chapter 11 – Anticipating Future Events
In the Future

Chapter 12 – In Your Relationship
Best Case Scenario
Partner B Gets Grabbed
Partner A Acknowledges Triggered Reaction

Chapter 13 – Signs of Change
Rocking the Boat
The Feeling of Flow


These techniques actually help you learn to make new connections, to re-wire your brain. Sound too good to be true? Sound too crazy? These are the very tools I used in my personal journey. And if you don’t believe me:

Here’s what others who have used these techniques are saying:

Your Tools Have Made A Major Difference In My Life
I was led to Dr. Karen Sherman because of the pain I was feeling from childhood abuse. Her visualization process helped me to not only explore my past in a safe, effective way but led to my breaking free from the cage created from my out-of-control negative emotions. They impacted every area of my life. Dear Karen, thank you for showing me how to use the tools to help me heal the abuse from my past and now be able to live my life without the guilt I was holding onto. Your work is of the human kind, it is a stamp on my soul I will carry always. You changed my world.
— Bob (Former client)


All My Positive Energy Was Wasted Before I Met Dr. Karen
I had always known deep down inside I was capable of living a life of joy and personal fulfillment. What held me back, however, was all my positive energy seemed to be spent trying to heal old wounds, which had a negative impact on my ability to fulfill any of my personal goals. In my work with Dr. Karen, I came to understand and become aware that “old wounds” are simply “old wounds.” By being able to identify that many of my decisions were based in needs from the past, I am now able to move forward honoring the “old wounds” but without them having the ability to determine the decisions I make moving forward. By working with Dr. Karen, I have been able to uncover unresolved needs, heal the moment that produced the need and now move forward in my life from a position of choice rather than simply reacting.
— A. B. (Former client)


Here’s what book reviewers are saying:

From Rebecca’s Reads:
Mindfulness and the Art of Choice offers insight into the cyclic emotional and behavioral patterns so many people encounter. Dr. Karen Sherman’s step-by-step guide gives readers the opportunity to explore their pasts, govern their present and embody their future….Dr. Karen Sherman offers a guidebook of choices that can help lead the reader to a happier, more fulfilled life that reflects the person within.


From Reader Views:
There are many books on the market that cover the same issues as Dr. Sherman, however, there isn’t one that is as concise and to the point as Mindfulness and the Art of Choice is….Dr. Sherman simplifies everything for us through her explanations and exercises – to a point where Mindfulness and the Art of Choice” becomes truly a self-help book. This book is highly recommended for anyone that is considering choosing to have the good life.


FOR PROFESSIONALS as reviewed for Div. 42 of APA Reviewed by Marilyn Camacho, B.A., Loyola College in Maryland
In the book Mindfulness and the Art of Choice: Transform your Life, psychologist Dr. Karen H. Sherman calls upon her readers to empower themselves and confront self-defeating behaviors by providing a step-by-step guide towards identifying, challenging, and changing the emotions and maladaptive behavior patterns that may inhibit individuals from creating the lives they wish to live. Her message to the reader is that life does not just happen but that we have a say in what happens and the changes we want to make. She acknowledges that we all have personal issues to overcome and she posits the idea that more often than not these issues come from childhood experiences. Our past experiences serve as a filter through which we come to experience new events and shape how we interpret them through the past. For the author, it is imperative that we become mindful of these past experiences and the emotion associated with them so we may take action towards making a change that will lead to new results and make us “mentally freer”. It is through these changes that we exercise the art of choice, choosing to make changes in our lives that help us achieve what Dr. Sherman and most of us would like to describe as the “good life”. Many of the approaches presented by Dr. Sherman throughout the text appear to be rooted in both a cognitive-behavioral and client-centered framework. The first half of the text presents a thorough discussion on the intricate relationship between the mind and body, its effect on behavior, and how we choose to react to it. She begins with a discussion on “living life on autopilot” meaning that much of how we deal with the world is automatic in nature and based on how we learned to deal with the world in the past.

I feel this work is so important, that I want you to have an opportunity to try it without any risk. So, buy the book, work on the exercises.

If you don’t see a difference in your life, return it to me within 1 year for a 100% refund (not including S&H). This transformative book is only $16.95 – less than the cost of a CD! And yet …it will certainly make you hum!

Why wait any longer to start changing your life and creating the one you deserve!

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