Marriage Magic (Book)

marriagemagic“Discover How To Shatter The Emotional Barricades Stopping
You From Clearing The Air and Opening The Doors to Hope, Possibility, and Rejuvenated Romance”


Do you feel like you’ve come to the end of YOUR ROPE in your relationship?


 Are you staying in your marriage, perhaps FOR THE SAKE OF THE CHILDREN but are clearly unhappy?

 Are you feeling UNAPPRECIATED, WORN OUT, AND HOPELESS with no sense of how you got to this point and UNEASY AND UNCERTAIN of where to go next?

 Could your partnership use some REVITALIZING to bring back those old feelings?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you will benefit from reading Marriage Magic! Find It, Keep It, and Make It Last.

Marriage Magic! Find It, Keep It, and Make It Last offers vital information for all couples in a committed relationship who want to rejuvenate the romance and closeness they once felt by follow a proven effective, simple, step-by-step, sytem.

But don’t take just my word for it:

Here’s what others are saying about the book Marriage Magic!:


“Divorce Proof Your Marriage”

Half of all marriages today end in divorce, not anything like the vision each partner had at the altar. If couples take the time to read “Marriage Magic,” particularly the real-life dialogue scenarios, and learn to become kinder and gentler toward each other, we might stand a fighting chance of reversing this unfortunate statistic.

—Bonnie D. Graham
Host, WGBB 1240AM Radio


“A Refreshing Skills Based Approach To
Fixing Stale Marriages”

Despite the multitude of books about marriage and the easy availability of counseling, the American divorce rate hovers around fifty percent. Quite often an event or unacceptable behaviors prompt the dissolution, but just as often good marriages just wind down lost in the busyness of everyday life.

Marriage Magic! offers a skills-based approach to fixing those types of marriages-ones that grew stale because they became routine, became a lower priority than children and careers, became less than the expectations held early in the marriage.

Much of the information in Marriage Magic! isn’t new, but is repackaged for drained couples who want to experience vigor in their marriages again. The authors target the audience well offering hope and enthusiasm for restoring marriage to its intended vitality.

—Kim Peterson for Reader Views (1/06)


“A Helpful And Enlightening Book!”

Marriage Magic! is a user-friendly, practical book on how to revive a relationship that has lost its vitality, not because of lack of love, but because of the routine and stress of our daily lives.

The premise is simple: It is possible to bring the vitality back to your marriage, but if you want something to change, you have to be the one to make the first move.

The author’s warm, friendly approach will make you feel comfortable. Be aware, however, that this book doesn’t offer solutions for those relationships with serious problems like alcoholism or physical or emotional abuse, but only for those worth saving.

Marriage Magic! is a helpful and enlightening book, one that offers simple yet effective tools and techniques for improving a relationship. Most importantly, the exercises and scenarios will make you aware of the problem, if there is one.

—Armchair Interview



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About the Author

As a relationships specialist for 25 years,  a columnist for Hitched magazine, a featured writer for Yahoo Personals, and a marriage expert for, I decided to pair up with communications expert, Dale Klein, to provide a comprehensive view of the issues in modern-day relationships.

We all want a great relationship but we don’t have the skills to create one.  Together, we provide you with the valuable tools to help you function in day-to-day situations and bring back “that lovin’ feeling.”

Here’s what you’ll learn when you read this eye-opening book…

  • A real understanding of what a relationship is about so you
    know what to realistically expect as opposed to living out myths
  • An understanding of the different emotions that develop and a way to help you
    identify and deal with them so they no longer stand in the way of a willingness to communicate
  • Sound communication skills and clear explanations of why you want to
    implement them so that they make sense

Here’s why this relationship book is different and why it should matter to you:

  • The authors clearly understand a relationship can have problems from either the
    male or female perspective.  Because of this, examples are provided from both
    the guy and gal perspective.
  • The suggestions raised will revitalize your relationship even if only one of you reads the book! It is our belief that when one of you follows the steps in the book, it is likely that your partner will change in response.
  • You don’t need to read the whole book to benefit.  It’s easy for you to pick and choose which parts of the book are relevant to you! Because a good portion of the book is devoted to different possible emotions you might be experiencing, you only need read the ones you relate to.
  • There’s a dialogue at the beginning of each emotion chapter to help you really identify your feelings! This helps bring to life how the particular emotion being discussed would come out sounding when a couple is communicating.
  • Additionally, at the end of each chapter you’re provided with unique exercises to help you deal with the particular emotion of that chapter: The exercises are easy to do! They’re designed to be cost effective and easy to actually implement.

Here’s a peek at the chapters of the book…

Part One

    • What Happens When You’re In a Stalemate With a Stale Mate?: there’s just no more “umph” like there was in the beginning.
    • Woman or Man Cannot Live by Expectations Alone: the realities of what a relationship is about.
    • Variety Can Be the Spice of Life: different upbringings will create differences in what you bring to the relationship.
    • Workin’ 9-5: and Then Some: Examines all the stress in today’s world and it’s impact on your relationship.
    • Staying the Course When the Road Gets Rocky: the grass may look greener elsewhere but in truth, it’s not.
    • The Good News: you can make your relationship vital, fun, and satisfying.

Part Two:

Many times, a person has a gnawing sense that something is wrong but they can’t quite describe what it is.  My experience as a relationships specialist has been that couples cannot effectively communicate if their feelings are getting in the way – there’s just too much emotional energy.

So, those feelings need to be addressed first.

In order to help couples do so, in this section of the book, the various emotions you might be experiencing are spelled out.  Each chapter opens with a dialogue between a couple that helps you see how, if the particular feeling was occurring, it might come out.

Then, there is a discussion of why you might be having that feeling.  Finally, each chapter ends with easy to implement exercises to address that feeling.  Once the emotion is dealt with, clear communication can take place.

Here are the feelings covered in the Part Two chapters… 

    1. Disappointed and Disillusioned
    2. Disrespected and Disregarded
    3. Worn Out –Are you ???
    4. Hopeless
    5. Hurt
    6. Apprehension
    7. Misunderstood
    8. Unappreciated
    9. Neglected
    10. Bored
    11. Unromantic
    12. Resentment/Anger
    13. Resistance
    14. Backsliding

Part Three

Communication Concepts: Men and women have different communication styles and people differ in the way they send and receive language.  There are also neurological variations.

Communication Skills:  Active listening, respectful dialogue, requests rather than demands, no assumptions, validation, processing misunderstandings, “I” statements.

Part Four

When All Else Fails:  Just in case you’ve gone through the book and haven’t gotten the changes you’d hoped for, this chapter helps you look at some possibilities as to why.

Some more rave reviews…


“Renew Your Marriage and
Have Fun Reading”

This book is different from your usual therapy manual in that it provides a means by which to identify your emotions and gives you ways in which to deal with them.

I found the book easy and fun to read and useful; the exercises provided were practical. This book is a helpful tool for couples who are trying to renew their marriages and recover the magic!

—Jill Coleen


Don’t Throw In The Towel!”

A very user friendly book, full of useful advice for anyone in an important relationship. Before you “throw in the towel,” read this book!

—K. Godfrey


“Had Fun Acting Out The Scenarios”

This is one great book…

Writtenin a way that is informative and easily understood, my husband and I actually had fun acting out the scenarios! So many of them rang true…If you want to read a book on keeping your marriage alive and rejuvenated, from authors who really “get it”, then this is the book for you!

—C. Dean


“A Great Navigational Tool
That’s Easily Implemented”

This book is very “user-friendly” It’s written in a style that is understandable with suggestions and ideas that can be easily implemented.

The ability to be able to jump chapters finding those most applicable, then using the information and concepts to work on your own situation, make this an especially helpful tool. The beginning dialogue makes the situations more real by giving a mental picture. Working on a relationship is never easy, this book helps to navigate and find success.

—Karen Adler


Don’t delay.  You too can benefit from this book and
revitalize your relationship.

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I don’t think I could be more fair than that.

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Dr. Karen Sherman Ph.D.


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