Conflict Done Right

How to Have a Conflict and Still Stay Connected

If you’re a normal couple, no doubt you have conflicts with each other.  And if you don’t … it’s time you felt comfortable having them.  After all, you’re different people and at some point you’re not going to agree on everything.

The problem is that most couples don’t know how to manage their conflicts in a way that feels okay.  Instead, each of you is left feeling sad, hurt, dejected, or with any number of other lousy emotions.  Conflicts lead to a sense of disconnection.

But … if conflicts are done right, not only will you avoid these lousy feelings, you will feel closer to each other!

I’m Dr. Karen Sherman, a licensed Psychologist specializing in relationships for 25 years. I’ve co-authored “Marriage Magic! Find It, Keep It, and Make It Last,” as well as being an expert writer for and a regular podcaster for  I’ve also got my own relationship radio show, “Your Empowered Relationship.”  My expert opinion has appeared in a multitude of radio and print media.  And … I’ve been married to the same guy for almost 40 years!  So, I think I’m qualified to give you some insight.

Because this is such an important area (research has shown that it can be predicted within 15 minutes which couples will divorce by those who don’t manage their conflicts well), I’ve put together an assortment of tools to help you do your conflicts right.  These are being presented to you in a number of modalities – you can read about it, listen, or watch a video!

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Here are some of the topics that are covered:

  • The biological differences that cause conflicts
  • Tools within ourselves to enhance our relationships
  • How to deal with frustration and anger
  • Different management styles and how to deal with them
  • Conflict at work

Here’s some feedback that has been given about this material (names are withheld due to confidentiality)

  • This will help me re-evaluate the choices I make
  • The material you provided was eye-opening!
  • I’m now able to identify the situations that cause conflict both personally and at work that I wasn’t recognizing.

I’m confident by accessing this information you’ll be taking the critical steps towards having the successful, connected relationship you were dreaming about when you walked down the aisle.

I want to make this decision risk free for you.

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I don’t think I can be any more fair than that.

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