Good-bye Past, Hello Joy! Live Workshop (CD)

“Discover How You Can Break Free
From Negative Relational Patterns”


Patterns Chaining You To Your Past And Keeping You From
Having Healthy, Rewarding Fun Relationships!

I remember a client who, as a child, felt abandoned by her father who was a workaholic. Many years later, when she was married, her very sensitive husband was about to leave on a business trip.

Realizing his company planned a second one on the heels of the first, he knew how upset his wife would be. He literally spent the entire day at work trying to rearrange the trip so he wouldn’t be gone so long.

Unfortunately, the cost of making the change just made it impossible to do it. When he came home and explained all of this to his wife, she literally went ballistic.

It didn’t matter that he was so aware of her needs or that he had spent so much time trying to make changes so he wouldn’t be gone as long — she could only feel the sense of abandonment once again!

This was not the first time, she had outbursts like this and clearly, it was damaging to their marriage.

Though your life may not be as full of drama as the story above, we all have moments where we over-react or do something we didn’t mean to.

If you’re like most…you get stuck in emotional ruts and zone through your life on “automatic pilot.”

When old patterns cause you to react, you’re sadly kept from getting what you want from your relationships and life. To make matters worse…most often you’re left feeling insecure, worthless, abandoned, or just plain stuck.

Do you Experience Any Of These Destructive Symptoms?

  • You find yourself blowing up at minor things and you don’t know why?
  • You’re always dating the same kind of person even though they don’t treat you well?
  • You shut down when something upsets you, but you feel like you’re bursting inside?

I learned how to stop being a slave to my past and I can teach them to you! Who am I to teach this to you? I lived this journey — I hit rock bottom, I’ve felt the pain.

But I’m also a psychologist who has been in practice for nearly 25 years and I’ve used these tools with my clients, I’ve taught them through my articles on the web, in books, and spoken about them on the radio.

In the Choose to Live!: Live Workshop recorded during my actual presentation at the “Reaching Up” Wellness Conference in Omaha, Nebraska, I teach you the reasons it’s so easy for us to freeze up emotionally (without even knowing we do it.)

In this 45-minute live CD recording, you’ll learn:

  • Why you get caught up in doing patterns that don’t get you what you want and how you can start to become aware of them so you can make changes that will allow you to stop reacting in an out-of-control way.
  • Whether you realize it or not (and you learn this in the CD) your body gives off physical warning signs that you can begin to pay attention to. Though each person is unique and different and has their own signals, once you learn how to “read” your body, you’ll know when you are getting upset so you can do something about it.
  • How to identify your self-critical, self-blaming thoughts and why I refer to them as “garbage” thoughts. Learn how to stop them because continuing these “old tapes” get in the way of being productive and allowing you to feel good about yourself.
  • An explanation of what tools to use and how to use them so that you can finally achieve true healing of past emotional wounds and create long lasting improvements to your behaviors and your life!

Here are some of the comments from others who have taken this workshop:

(This presentation helped me learn)…”that I could let go from the past.”


“Very effective, soul searching”




“Appreciate the neuro connection info”


“Excellent presentation”


If you feel trapped by your “old crap” and are sick and tired of feeling ANXIETY, GUILT, BEING WORTHLESS, or LOUSY and you want to LEARN HOW TO FEEL IN CONTROL and HAPPY, Choose to Live!: Live Workshop is GUARANTEED to help you live a life that is no longer emotionally frozen in the past. You can empower yourself to choose a life that creates opportunities for joy and satisfaction.

Start today to make changes in your life and order this program by clicking the link below:

Yes, I Want to Live a Life of Choice!

The tools I share on this CD work.

In fact, I’m so confident they’ll work for you, too, that if you aren’t 100% pleased with the insights you gain, you have up to 1 year from the time of purchase to return the CD to me for a full refund (minus S&H.)

Do you know a rut is like a coffin with the ends knocked out! There’s no reason to stay in that same old rut.

Learn why this happens and gain these time-tested proven tools that will allow you to make the changes to a different life. You can live life by choice!

These time-tested, easy to learn strategies are groundbreaking material! They’re not the run of the mill typical things you could easily pay $1,000s for to learn in therapy.

So if you’re tired of talking about your problems and understanding why you have them, struggle to make changes but still getting the same lousy results: over-reacting, feeling insecure, doubting yourself — there is hope.

This CD offers you a whole new approach!

And it can be yours for only $27 (plus S&H). That’s less than $1/day for a month or the price of a cheap meal out!

It really is possible to change your life. Why wait?

Yes, I want to Live a Life of Choice!

My Best,

Dr. Karen Sherman

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