5 Pillars For Partnering

Gaining the Tools to Build the Right Foundation for a Solid Relationship

If you’re like so many other couples, you got together and made a commitment to each other because of all the good feelings you had for each other.  However, somewhere along the journey, those good feelings aren’t quite the same and they’ve been replaced by arguments, poor communication, and feelings of disconnection.

How did you get here?  More importantly, how can you change it?

As awful and confusing as it feels, the good news is that by understanding an applying a few simple tools, you can turn things around!

I’m Dr. Karen Sherman, a licensed Psychologist specializing in relationships for 25 years.  I’ve co-authored “Marriage Magic! Find It, Keep It, and Make It Last,” as well as being an expert writer for YourTango.com and a regular podcaster for HitchedMag.com.  In my weekly radio show, “Your Empowered Relationship,” I cover a wide variety of areas where couples get stuck and how to get unstuck! My expert opinion has appeared in a multitude of radio and print media.  And … I’ve been married to the same guy for almost 40 years!

I’ve put together several teaching videos and audios on what I know to be the pillars, the foundational tools for solid, positive partnering.  Once you have these basics, it’s easy to move on to have the loving, caring, understanding relationship you desire.

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Here are the some of the areas that are covered:

  • The TRUTH about stress and how it impacts your relationship
  • Why you keep having the same conflicts over and over again … and what you can do to change it
  • Why emotions run wild and what you can do to deal with them – in you or your mate
  • Why you feel like you’re speaking Greek and Latin to each other
  • Actual communication tools to start using right away
  • How you can get the feelings back to the way they used to be

Here’s some feedback that has been given about this material (names are withheld due to confidentiality)

  • This information was helpful and insightful
  • The insights gained through this material will allow us to be better able to relate to one another.
  • After watching these videos, I wish I was physically closer to you so that you could be my therapist!

I’m confident by accessing this information you’ll be taking the critical steps towards having the successful, connected relationship you were dreaming about when you walked down the aisle.

ALL of the material is original and took time to create and produce.  This would cost hundreds of dollars at my hourly rate for individual sessions.  But – it’s been my life’s work and passion to make sure couples learn the proper skills to have a good relationship. So, I’m making all of these materials available for $99!  That’s less than what it would cost you for a cup of coffee each day for a month.

This is a risk-free decision for you.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the insights you gain from this material, simply delete it and request a refund within 1 year of purchase.

You won’t find a deal more fair than that.

Don’t hesitate any longer — the price is right and by accessing it now, you can start gaining the insights you need to ensure that you’ll establish the pillars to your partnership that will ensure a relationship that’s loving and connected. Download it now, here:

Yes, Dr. Karen, I want to learn the 5 Pillars for Partnering!