Love Yourself for Who You Are to Have an Empowered Relationship

There are so many topics that I plan to cover to help you have an Empowered Relationship with yourself.  I truly believe that the relationship you have with yourself is the most important one you have.  It is from this vital relationship that all others follow.

Most of the time, when people refer to relationships, they are thinking about significant others.  Of course, these are important.  But, for me, relationships go far beyond that.  They also include the interactions you have with everyone in your life … your parents, your siblings, your friends, even your neighbors and strangers!

I also very much believe that the best way to enhance relationships is through a sense of consciousness and love.  I’ll be addressing these topics in future blogs.  But, for today, let me just keep to the idea of the relationship you have with you.

You can’t give to someone else what you don’t have.  So, what that means is that if you don’t love yourself, it will be difficult to extend this feeling to someone else.  I’m not speaking about narcissism.  Rather, I’m referring to having a positive self-regard.

Sadly, too many of you still lack a good sense of self-regard or self-esteem. And though at this point in your lives, it many not be your fault, I do feel that it is your responsibility to be aware of how you feel about yourself … and then do something to improve your sense of self.  Of course, it is my great desire to offer my thoughts and insights to help you in that journey.

So, here’s the first insight.  No one is perfect.  Now, no doubt, you’ve heard that before.  But really it’s true.  You’re not perfect and neither am I.  But so what?  I even admit this to my clients and no one, no – no one, has ever run out of my office upon learning this information.

The trick, though, is that I accept this about myself.  I know that there are some parts of me that are just not that great.  And then there are the parts that are really terrific.  Once, you can come to this understanding and value yourself for who you are (warts and all), it allows you to focus on the strong points and let them flourish.  What you focus on will grow even more and you have started your process towards Your Empowered Relationship!

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